Morning Routine

Primero, me despierto a las sies y treinta de la mañana. Entonces, me levanto a las siete de la mañana. Despues me levanto, yo despierto mi hermana. Finalmente, me cepillo los dientes antes me ducho. Voy a la escuela a las siete y treinta de la mañana.


                                                  Noose  N. Nightingale


                                                            123 Number Ln.

Numbersville , TX 12312


Great pilot with excellent concentration  skills and plenty of experience, Applying to be a pilot, 45 years of age

Recent jobs

Rescue pilot

Certificates and Ratings                                           

Type Rating Gulfstream 550 & 450             Airline Transport Pilot

Type Rating Gulfstream  II,III, & IV          Part 135 Check Airman

Type Rating LA-Jet                                                 Part 135 Training  Capt.

Type Rating BE- 1900 Airliner                        First Class Medical


Non smoker

over 14000 miles flew without incidents

14 years of expiriance

Nutty Dream

Once upon a time there was a family of science  squirrels  who studied space. There was Papa squirrel Mama squirrel   Grandpa squirrel and little Nutty. One night Grandpa squirrel was looking through his telescope at the International Space Station when nutty walked in carrying his model space probe. Grandpa asked nutty to come look at the space station. Nutty walked over to the telescope and looked at the station. He also saw star clusters , and the moon and other satellites. He asked Grandpa what else was in space. Grandpa told Nutty that ther are lots and lots of things in space, like galaxies and nebula’s. He also explained that that were different kinds of galaxies out there like spiral galaxies, and irregular galaxies.  He told Nutty that we live in the Milky Way. Nutty said that one day he wants to be an astronaut just like Mama, Papa, and Grandpa. Nutty had a dream of flying to distant galaxies that were light years away. That night when Nutty went to sleep he dreamed of flying in a space shuttle and that he flew through the asteroid belt and past all the planets and past many suns and galaxies, and finally landed on a planet where he met little green squirrels! He dreamed that he was in space long enough that he got to see all the moon phases up close. He got to visit the International Space Station. It was the best dream ever, until he got sucked into a black hole.Nutty woke up the next morning and thought to himself that was a really fun but scary dream. He went to his parents and told them all about his dream, the International Space Station, the black hole, and how he wanted to be a astronaut just like them when he grew up. and they told him one day you will little nutty, one day you will.

The Powerful Sense Sight

There are 5 senses taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. The one that is most important to me is my sense of sight. If I were to lose my sight than my life would be horrible, I wouldn’t be able to play my game with my friends , I wouldn’t be able to see my mom, all I could do is sit there stumbling over things that I cant see. I wouldn’t be able to know how to get down my street to get to grandparents house. I wouldn’t be able to play my game with my friends , I wouldn’t be able to see my mom, all I could do is sit there stumbling over things that I cant see. I would never know what any of my family looked like, and I would never get to play baseball. It would be hard for me to get into a collage or even finish grade school. I wouldn’t get to see the wonderful world that God put me on. Every night I pray and thank God for what he has gave me and I pray for the people who are not as lucky as me. I am glad to have all my senses especially my sight.

Escaping Denmark

The Jews of Denmark have been told they are to be relocated.these Jews have no idea where they are being taken.It is up to the young people of the resistance to help the Jews.At this point all the people of the resistance and the Jews know, is that wherever the Germans are taking them people are dieing.The people in the resistance are risking their lives to help the Jews make their way to Sweeden.

The Resistance is coming up with great ideas for helping these people escape. these young minds are talking to Swedish scientist to help them  make hankerchiefs to destroy dogs sense of smell so they can hide in boats and other places and not be found.these people are helping Jews in all the countries that Hitler has taken over.No one knows why the Germans have not taken over Sweeden  when they have taken over one of the closest countries to it, Denmark.The Germans had no idea that Sweeden was where the Jews were escaping to.

Sweedish people were very brave to have hidden the Jews because the Germans could have invaded their countrie at any time.This is all we know at this point. Find out more on next weeks addition of the Sweedish Daily News.

Arthur Cody Owens